• Amsec BF Series Safes

  • Amsec BF Series Safe

    Valley Pro Locksmith is excited to offer:

    Amsec® Burglary & Fire Rated Safes

    Especially in uncertain financial times, it's important that you protect your assets with care. We offer AMSEC safes because they’re an affordable yet effective solutions to help prevent burglary and fire loss.  These criteria should be paramount factors in your buying decision!

    The AMSEC BF® Series safe has a unique design with all the necessary security features of a burglary safe as well as the peace of mind of a fire safe. These safes are first in the industry for U.L. Listed burglary and fire-rated safes at affordable prices.  When they were tested using the rigorous testing procedures of Underwriters Laboratories, the BF® SERIES earned U.L. Listed Class 350°F One Hour Fire approval and an E (RSC) Residential Security & Burglary Container Label.

    Standard Safe Features:

    The absolute best warranty offered in the business. This includes Lifetime fire replacement including 1 year of parts and labor. Heavy duty “B" rated construction.

  • Amsec BF Series Safe

    The Door:

    It consists of ½" plate steel which is 3½" thick made of a proprietary material that’s both burglary and fire resistant. The Dual seal design uses a silicone foam sealant and a heat-expanding intumescent seal.

    The Body:

    1/8" inner and outer steel plates at 25/8" thick, the body creates a burglary resistant structure that encloses a unique and proprietary fire resistant hardware. It also includes steel chrome plated (1" diameter) locking bolts and helps prevent forced entry and door removal with a full length dead bar that locks extremely deep into the body. The lock is a spring-loaded and U.L. listed Group II device with a heavy duty carburized hardplate ¼". The steel hinges are heavy duty and offer smooth operation of the door. One anchor bolt hole is recessed and the mounting hardware are included to anchor the safe securely. The attractive accent of the safe has a large easy to use chrome-plated dial with a matching handle and an interior plush with velour. Options include attractive and durable sandstone textured or granite finish with plush velour interiors. Electronic locks are also available as an option. Models BF1716 and BF3416 offer storage storage cabinets as an option as well.

    Color Options:

    Textured Sandstone w/ Brass Hardware or Textured Granite w/ Chrome Hardware.

    The BF® Safes Replacement Warranty (Limited Lifetime):

    Free of charge replacement of your BF® safe if it fails to protect its contents when exposed to fire. Contact Valley Pro Locksmith for more details and questions.

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